True House Stories™ North & South America Tour 2022

The Tour – Since Covid began back in March 2020, the entire world has been waiting for the day for normal life to resume. We are finally at the mid point of 2021 and there finally is light at the end of the tunnel. We are now rolling out and pushing forward to tour again. Lenny Fontana and his Karmic Power Records team created a Documentary Program called True House Stories™. In the Summer of 2020.

What started off as a one of show became so huge and has been a lifeline for so many music lovers out there.

In times of darkness, ’True House Stories’ has been an education, an institution and a place for fans to come together to hear the story behind so many iconic names in the music industry.

The Show has been airing and podcasting everywhere from Facebook Live to Spotify. Each and every week at 2pm NYC time you can watch the Heroes of Electronic Music. Such as Carl Cox, Louie Vega, Michael Gray, Danny Tenaglia, Kathy Brown, David Morales. 

And so many countless others share their true stories on the program. Which is now is in the start up phase of being filmed for Prime Time Television.

The World Tour will feature the legendary Lenny Fontana on the decks playing soundtracks from the ‘True House Stories’ Guests. That have helped make the show a sensation and a worldwide phenomenon.

Lenny himself is a true pioneer and legend of electronic music and now plans to bring True House Stories™ worldwide to your festivals, events and nightclubs and our future plan will be to bring True House Stories™ guests to these events once we are up and running.

Following on from the success of True House Stories™ with Lenny Fontana. We are now taking the ’True House Stories’ Brand on tour and bringing Lenny Fontana to an event near you.

You can find all of the shows here: CLICK HERE

We will provide ’True House Stories’ banners for the dressing of the club. Plus we will provide jpegs of logos, photos, images of ’True House Stories’ guests for the club visuals.

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Let’s get the True House Stories™ show on the road Party people. Its time to dance and enjoy music together again!!

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