Each week Lenny Fontana invites a very special DJ / Producer / Vocalist / Club Promoter to his True House Stories’ 2 hour show.
During the show, Lenny will be chatting to his Guest about their music careers to discover the True Stories of working in this industry.  He will be unveiling the real ‘behind the scenes’ stories on how his guests succeeded and continue to survive in this business.

This show gives our Guests the opportunity to share what they do, speak about their journeys and achievements, who inspired them and discuss how they became so successful. 
The Facebook live stream chat will also give Lenny and his guests the chance to reminisce about the many incredible memories and experiences they witnessed during their music careers. 
‘True House Stories’ aims to share with the world the untold stories about the joys of our Guest’s work and also the many pitfalls that are hidden beneath, which makes this industry a very fun and exciting, yet highly competitive and challenging environment to be part of. 
We hope for each show to be laid back, relaxed and enjoyable for our guests and Lenny will be sure to make you feel at ease and have lots of fun.
‘True House Stories’ is run through Zoom and streamed Live to Facebook.
Facebook Live Stream: https://www.facebook.com/lennyfontana/live_videos

Once edited, each episode will be uploaded to Youtube / our podcast.
YouTube: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiZ9aMPdKkfgHjkYTrebboslHErUcCrdL
Podcast: https://smarturl.it/THS-podcast