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19th February 2021 Groove Magazin Germany (by Jan Goldmann)

Groove Magazin article True House Stories by Lenny Fontana
Groove Magazin (Germany)

True House Stories™: New video format from Lenny Fontana

New York house DJ and producer Lenny Fontana has a proud portfolio. He has been DJing since the 80s. First in New York clubs like the legendary Studio 54, and later all over the world. As a producer, his discography includes over 140 releases.
In a career spanning more than 25 years, Fontana has made many friendships with actors from the scene. For some time now he has been cultivating these friendships in a very special way, which should especially please house fans: every few days he invites colleagues from the old days to a virtual chat. He and his guests reminisce about the 30 or so episodes that have been broadcast live on Fontana’s Facebook page.

They tell about the first parties they played at, about crazy coincidences and throw in funny anecdotes about their past as DJs. The conversations seem neither forced nor stiffened and take place in a friendly atmosphere. Big names like Louie Vega and DJ Sneak were there. Who else will follow remains to be seen.